2019 Events


Thursday, January 31st @ 5:00 in PAN 110: Welcome Back Pizza and Game Night
First event of the 2019 spring semester! There will be pizza and plenty of games to play. This is a great opportunity to hangout with your fellow physics students, and relax before the semester kicks into gear.


Thursday, February 21st @ 5:00 in PAN 110: Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament
SPS is hosting a Smash Bros tournament! A pizza dinner will be provided, as well as the switch and controllers. All you need to do is show up!


Monday, March 11th @ 5:00 in PAN 110: Study Night
Study for midterms with your peers and enjoy a pizza dinner, on us! If you don't have any midterms to study for, this is a great opportunity to finish up homework or simply socialize with friends!


Wednesday, April 17th @ 5:00 in PAN 110: General Member Meeting and Study Hall
Bring your books and some friends and enjot free Naf Naf catering!

Monday, April 19th @ 6:00 at the Campus Club: Sigma Pi Sigma Induction Banquet
A formal banquet will be held for the initiation of new members into our honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma! Professor Puchner will be the guest speaker of the evening.

2018 Events


Monday September 17th @ 5:30 in PAN 110: Introductorty Meeting, Free Pizza, and Movie Night
This is our first meeting of the 2018-2019, focused mainly on providing information on who we are, what events we have planned for the upcoming year, and how to become a member. And of course, there will be free pizza for everyone who attends.

Thursday September 20th: Monticello Nuclear Power Plant Visit
A group of SPS students will be touring the Nuclear Power Plant in Monticello. This is an all day event and therefore requires missing class, but food and transportation will be provided. Registration for this trip is currently closed.

Friday September 28th @ 5:30 in PAN 110: Pizza and Movie Night
Our first social event of the year! Take a break from studying and join us for pizza, popcorn, and a movie. The movie will be sci-fi related, and there will be a choice of three to choose from. Note: before the movie, an important annoucement will be made regarding membership fees.


Thursday and Friday October 11-12: Paint the Bridge
We will be painting two panels on the Washinton Avenue Bridge this year. All are encouraged to stop by and help us: no artistic ability required! After painting the bridge on Thursday (Oct 11), stick around for game night in PAN 110 at 7:00 PM.


Thursday November 1st @ 6:00 PM: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Join us for our annual liquid nitrogen ice cream night! Take a break from studying and hang out while we make and enjoy our very own liquid nitrogen ice cream in the SPS room. All are welcome to come!

Tuesday November 13th @ 6:00 PM: Quantitative Finance with Laurie Derechin
At our November general membership meeting, speaker Laurie Derechin from MCFAM (Minnesota Center for Financial and Acturarial Mathematics) within the School of Math will join us to talk about opportunities to get involved in the dield of Quantitative Finance and the Master of Financial Mathematics Program. The event will be held in PAN 110.


Wednesday December 5th @ 6:00 PM: Grad School Info Night
If you are applying to grad school or thinking about applying in the future, this meeting is for you. Professor Vinals will be here to provide information about grad school and answer any questions you may have. The event will be held in PAN 110.

2016 Events


Friday September 16, 6-10pm: Introductory Meeting, Free Pizza, and Movie Night
This will be our first meeting of the year, so the focus will be on giving people information and free pizza. We'll explain who we are, what cool things we want to do this semester, and how to join (it's really simple). After this, we'll be playing a movie for anyone who wants to stick around. We haven't finalized yet what movie we'll be playing, but it will likely be The Martian or another sci fi film.

Thursday September 22, 8pm: Family Fun Fair Demo Demo
There is an opportunity to look at and play with physics demos in preparation for the Family Fun Fair. It will be Thursday September 22nd at 8pm in the main area of Akerman.

Thursday and Friday September 29 and 30: Paint the Bridge
We'll be painting our panel on the Washington Avenue Bridge. Feel free to come and join us, even if you don't think of yourself as artistic. Any and all help is appreciated!


Wednesday October, 5:00pm:Grad School Info Session with Professor Kapusta
For those who are applying to graduate school (or thinking about applying), this meeting is for you. Professor Kapusta will give a detailed look into the application process so that you are prepared to begin the next stage in your academic career.

2015 Events


Monday March 16, 4-6pm: Waite House - Waves: Light and Sound
Around the area for spring break? Come and volunteer at this event! You will need to be available for the entire time period (4:00pm-6:00pm), and rides will be provided. Volunteers will receive 3 SPS points. Sign-up to volunteer on the sheet posted on the billboard in SPS (room S50 of Tate Hall).

March 20-24: Zone 11 Meeting!
Fellow Physics students celebrate physics with us! We are also looking for volunteers to help out for Friday 20 and Saturday 21. Give tours and help staff events; each shift earns you 3 SPS points, AND volunteers are eligible for a free fun day Sunday! Sign-up to volunteer on the sheet posted on the billboard in SPS (room S50 of Tate Hall).

Sunday March 22: Science Museum and Dinner
Have you earned 15+ SPS points? Come spend your day at the Science Museum of Minnesota! Museum admission, omnimax theater tickets, admission to the new space exhibit, and dinner at a local restaurant will be included. The points board is located in room S50 of Tate Hall on the Bill Nye Board (we'll try to keep it frequently updated).


Saturday April 25: Saturday With a Scientist - Physics Force
We're looking for members to help with this event, which will take place in the Bell Museum of Natural History. Shifts are from 10:00am-12:00pm, or 12:00pm-2:30pm. Volunteers will receive 3 SPS points. Sign-up to volunteer on the sheet posted on the billboard in SPS (room S50 of Tate Hall).